Margaret Lynch – Tapping Into Wealth Transformation Feb

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Margaret M. Lynch. Margaret is an EFT expert, author of the book Tapping Into Wealth and accomplished coach and coach mentor. The Wall Street Journal calls her “The Wealth Manifestation Authority”! You can access some of her free Tapping into Wealth training here:

Margaret M. Lynch trains and certifies coaches, therapists and everyday people to be the most highly skilled, sought after and paid Coaches in the world following the unique transformational methods in her best-selling book Tapping Into Wealth (Penguin/Tarcher).

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Margaret Lynch Tapping . Margaret Lynch is the Tapping Queen in my mind !.

She is giving away some life changing tapping videos that teach : How your “hidden programming” is specifically blocking and limiting your money, cash flow, and wealth manifestation.

I am also the best-selling author of the highly acclaimed book Tapping Into Wealth (Penguin/Tarcher) and the creator of “The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation” program which has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Chronicle, NBC, ABC, CBS News, FOX and CNN.

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Since then Margaret has released a Tapping into Wealth Transformation program, which is downlaodable, that she reocrded (2016). She did the modules live with the general public. And is selling it for $197 for 6 mondules. Those modules are the tapping into wealth program (the core sessions you would have with clients).