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our hearts are with all of you in the loss of dear aunt ruby! such a wonderful family growing up, working hard, worshipping faithfully in choudrant. papaw loved her dearly and spoke of her often as we cared for him those last years. jackie and i want you to know that our hearts and prayers are with you today. may god give you his measure of comfort, strength and peace in these days. our love.

You have done as good a job as can be done without using the phrase 'cocksucking corporate assholes'." Thomas Anderson , President/CEO, – "Sign me up. Time to stomp the hose of focus 'study' corporate marketing spew and instead get down to it with actual folks.

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once only done by a human assessor. Other types of assessment that go well beyond the tell-test model include “assessment for learning” or formative assessment that is used as feedback to the learner.”

This is a great overview of how social media campaigns should be approached. So many times, clients come in and say “We need social media,” without considering why or how it is relevant to their brand and company goals.

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