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The grant money will be distributed over a four-year period and will be used in planning, researching and implementing programs to introduce young English Language Learners (ELL) to the theatre.

The idea that you could make money doing surveys appeals to all types of people: from college students who need some extra cash to stay-at-home moms who want to make some money during nap time and in evenings.

Alex Konrad / @alexrkonrad: Don't forget Bumble is interested in building a business network. Filtering up deals through it and forging partnerships with its founder community is a great way to make people excited to use. Plus it's very consistent with their brand / mission, and goodwill has value.

A look at Finland’s strategy to become a leader in practical AI applications, starting with a grassroots program to teach 1% of its population the basics of AI — Inside Finland’s plan to train its population in artificial intelligence.— HELSINKI — Jaana Partanen is not your typical AI programming geek.

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The owners and editors-in-chief of these various imprints, Signet, Horwitz, Olympia and the New English Library, for example, knew that if they could find the right authors to tell the right tales (and get them to do it on a six-week turnaround!) they could make a killing, selling their paperbacks in places where ‘proper’ books weren’t.

Because they really can lose money publishing a book, which two decades ago was actually a rare occurrence in a major house unless they had wildly overpaid for the rights." Publishers have become "more 'audience centric'. They build topic- or genre-specific websites, apps, and — critically — email lists.

"This is so true. I'm proud of their careers and everything, but what made them special was the fact that went to Ghana to help those children instead of using the money for an expensive video." "One direction u make my heart dance sing and clap all day long until I fall a sleep in bed"